Stick out your tongue!

Stick out your tongue.jpg

All you need for this game is you and your baby. You can play it at home, in the park, on the bus – wherever you are.

It goes like this:

Face your baby. They can be on your knee or in your arms.

Stick your tongue out.

Wait a few seconds, then try it again.

Keep doing this and see if your baby copies you.

If your baby copies you, stick your tongue out again.

You might feel silly, but this sort of game helps babies learn about communicating back and forth with people. They learn about responding to people and taking turns. After all, this is how we speak to others!

You can also do this back and forth with noises your baby makes or faces they pull. It works best when they can see you clearly and don’t have many distractions.

Good to know

There’s more to speaking than just words. This game helps babies learn language even before they start speaking. This is because they learn about facial expressions and responding to others.