Talking to your baby


As your baby starts to babble more, it's the perfect chance to chat by copying their sounds.

Your baby learns about conversations long before they can talk, so try to find time each day to chat to your baby. When your baby babbles, gurgles, or laughs, they’re trying to communicate with you.

Here’s how to communicate back:

  1. Get face-to-face with your baby.
  2. Copy the noise or facial expression they make.
  3. See if they do it again or copy you.

When you copy your baby’s noise or expression, it lets them know they’re doing something right. Have fun with silly faces, noises or sticking out your tongue to see if your baby responds.

Good to know

Babies use their eyes to communicate with you before they can say words. You are also teaching your baby about tone, and taking turns.

By imitating your baby, you'll send an important message: that what they are feeling and trying to communicate matters to you.