Wash your hands with the Little Princess

Little Princess: I don't want to wash my hands

Do you need some help to encourage your child to wash their hands? The Little Princess has been helping thousands of children to learn why it’s so important!

Watch I Don’t Want to Wash My Hands being read aloud by the author and illustrator Tony Ross and try the activities below with your child.

Little Princess activities

Budding little artists will love this activity sheet, which shows your child how to draw the Little Princess in six simple steps.

How to draw the Little Princess.

If you need even more help encouraging your child to wash their hands, download and print this poster.

Wash your hands poster.

Get a free Little Princess book

Read another Little Princess book, I Want a Bedtime Story, for free. In this tale the Little Princess can't sleep – she needs a brilliant bedtime story!

Download the book.