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Writing a bear profile for your new friend


The bear has a shiny wet nose, two big furry ears and two big googly eyes. But we want you to find out more!

Get yourself a pencil and imagine you have just met him in the cave.


Write a character profile based on your first meeting using the template below. What does he say to you? How does he feel – is he shy or scared? Does he give you a hug? Will he be your friend? What games will you play together? You might want to show us the colour of his fur and appearance by colouring in! Try labelling the picture too!


Copy the template

My bear is called: (Choose a name)

His fur is: (Choose between fluffy, soft, thick, curly, brown, yellow, long, short or think of your own adjective)

His character is: (Choose between friendly, silly, scary, happy, shy, playful, cuddly or think of your own adjective)

What does he say to you? (Write down your conversation)

He likes to eat: Choose a tasty food)

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