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How can I help my child learn at home?

Happiness and colouring

Any parent with a young child will know that time is precious. Between toilet training, preparing meals and keeping on top of housework, we can end up with little time to plan fun activities to help our children learn.

So, what are the best ways to give your little one a fun and happy learning space at home? Any of the following activity types are a good place to start:

  • Chat: Speaking and singing rhymes with your child.
  • Play: Letting your little one’s imagination run wild with activities and games.
  • Read: Visiting the library and sharing books or stories.
  • Listen: Hearing sounds, songs and tuning in to your child’s chatter.
  • Watch: Looking at fun and colourful videos or apps together.
  • Draw and write: Having a go at making marks.
  • Make: Getting creative and letting your little one put their mark on the world.

These kinds of activities, plus showing your love, affection and encouragement, are all a child needs to grow and meet their milestones.

The Department for Education’s Start for Life campaign, delivered in partnership with the National Literacy Trust, advises keeping these activities as simple as possible to allow us to do everything else we need to do throughout the day. Find out more here: Start for Life.

Take a look at these great tips to try today:

Chat all day

Going shopping? Write a shopping list with your child first. Tidying up? Get your little one involved with mini challenges. Try: “Can you put away all the red lego first?”

Play outdoors

Take your favourite toys and games outside for a new kind of adventure! You could play hide-and-seek or explore the nature around you.

Read at bedtime

Just ten minutes of sharing stories as part of your evening routine will give your child the chance to learn new words and fall in love with reading.