Non-fiction fun

‘Non-fiction’ is what we call books that are about things that happen in real life, like science or history. Non-fiction books can really spark your child’s love of reading. It’s also a good way for them to learn about the world around them.

Non fiction reading

Songs from around the world

Non-fiction has the power to spark curiosity and conversation. Reading and exploring high-quality non-fiction texts plays a vital role in helping children learn about the world around them and foster reading for pleasure. Having a variety of topics and exciting texts in your non-fiction collection is key to meeting children's interests and inspiring new ones!

Our research

Our research found that children and young people who read non-fiction are more engaged with environmental issues. Those who read non-fiction are more likely to want to take care of the environment compared with those who don't read non-fiction (68% vs 49%). That's why we've got advice for using non-fiction at home and non-fiction activities for all age groups to help your child learn about our planet - and how to look after it.