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10-minute wellbeing activities

It can be hard to switch off during the day but it’s important for your wellbeing to take breaks to relax and unwind.


Here are our top 10-minute wellbeing activities that promise to boost your mood.


A 10-minute stretch can help busy minds and tired eyes.

Stretching can help you feel relaxed and renewed, and can be the ideal break from screens, revision or work.

A good stretch promises to help you feel more focussed to tackle the rest of your day.



Whilst it’s tempting to steal 10-minutes on your phone, reading a book can immerse you into new worlds, capture you in suspense or help you learn something new.

It's good to give your eyes a break from screens too.

Note three things

Writing is known to boost wellbeing. Keeping a note of how you're feeling, what you've achieved or setting out goals is a great way to keep you motivated and give you something to look back on if you need a reminder.


Start small by noting three things:

  • Three things you’ve achieved.
  • Three things to be grateful for.
  • Three positive things you can achieve today.
  • And three goals for tomorrow.

By focussing on the small things you give yourself space to take pleasure in simple achievements and celebrate the positives every day.

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Colouring in

Colouring in wellbeing activity.jpg

You don’t need a colouring book to make the most of the benefits of colouring for mindfulness.

Use highlighters, coloured pens or sketch with pencils on a scrap of paper to get started. The act of switching off and creating something in the process is a rewarding and well-deserved rest for busy minds.