60 seconds to success


60 Second to Success with mindfulness coach Tony Dallas is a series that will provide you with bite-size tips to make your world a better place. In this first video Tony Dallas welcomes you to the series and guides you into thinking about what you are grateful for.

About Tony Dallas

Tony Dallas is a qualified mindfulness coach and is the CEO and founder of the children’s charity Success Club. Tony believes using the right words to describe ourselves and imagine what we are capable of will inspire us onto greater, more amazing things, propelling us to be the best we can be.

Watch the video

Find out more about Tony's series here:

Download the activity

Have a go at this worksheet from workshop one and get thinking about:

  • The things that make your environment better.
  • The thing you're grateful for.
  • How you can make improvements to your life every day.

Workshop two

In workshop two Tony shares his thoughts on friendship, providing his top tips on the little things you can think about or do in 60 seconds to increase your productivity, mood and mind-set.

Download the activity

Have a go at this worksheet from workshop two to get you thinking about what really makes a good friendship.

Workshop three

In workshop three Tony shares his advice on attitude, one of the most important words in the dictionary.

'"Your attitude towards everything, is its attitude towards you."

Download the activity

Have a go at this worksheet from workshop three to help you explore the importance of a good attitude.

Workshop four

In this concluding workshop Tony identifies the three questions we should be asking at the beginning and end of each day to make a positive difference to the way we see and do things.

Download the activity

Have a go at answering these three questions with this worksheet from workshop four.