What's your money mindset?

Money mindset

If you've ever felt worried about money, you're not alone

Most of our financial decisions are based on emotion, not logic, which means our money mindset is so important. It's likely that the ways in which money was discussed when you were a child has impacted your money beliefs today. Your attitude towards money will therefore also affect how you choose to spend and save your money now and in the future.

Laura Ann Moore is a money mindset coach and super saver, and she's about to become your money bestie! Through her podcast, Mind Money Soul, she combines the emotional, practical, and spiritual sides of money to help you feel good about money, get financially confident, build wealth, and smash your big life goals!

As part of our Words that Count series, Laura has created a short video where she shares her top tips on how to become more aware of the way you talk about money and gain a more positive attitude towards your finances. Laura believes that we make many of our financial decisions from a place of emotion and therefore, if we have a negative money mindset, we might find ourselves overspending, struggling to budget or perhaps ignoring important conversations about money altogether.

Laura Moore

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