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Watch Ted x Talks chosen by Cleary Gottlieb

Watch inspirational Ted x Talks chosen by Cleary Gottlieb.

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What is a TED x Talk?

A TED x Talk is a showcase for speakers presenting great and new ideas in under 18 minutes. All TED x Talk`s must be about a topic that is either:

  • New and surprising that you have never heard about
  • An everyday idea or topic with a compelling new argument behind it that challenges its audience’s beliefs and perspectives.

More than Quiet: Observations of a Teenage Introvert

Cholpon's talk is based on her personal experiences as an introvert both in school and out.

Introvert: Is often a shy, quiet individual who thrives when spending time alone.

Extrovert: An outgoing, sociable person who thrives when around others.

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  1. Cholpon states that half of the world are introverts, does this surprise you? And if so why?
  2. Why do you think Introverts are still struggling to `find their voice` and be acknowledge in the same way as their extrovert peers?
  3. Schools are often more suited to extroverts. How do you think teachers can make introverts feel more comfortable at in the classroom?
  4. What effects do you think lockdown may have had on introverts and extroverts? What do you think they may have enjoyed and missed whilst studying from home?

Social Media and Teens Today

In this Ted x Talk high school student Sophie Page discusses how social media affects the everyday lives of teenagers. Sophie discusses how there may be more to social media than all the negatives we often here.

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  1. Based on Sophie’s talk list the three main benefits and challenges of using social media
  2. In the talk, Sophie mentions that many teenagers feel that social media has had a positive impact on their confidence – Why do you think that we often only hear about the negative impacts of social media?
  3. Sophie mentions that 93% of teenagers in America use social media. Does this surprise you, If so did you expect it to be a larger or lower percentage?
  4. What ways do you think social media can benefit you and your relationship with your friends and family?
  5. Do you think we need to be careful not to replace face to face interactions with communication over social media?
  6. Sophie believes that social cues and non-verbal body language account for 93% of our communication. Do you agree and can you think of an example when you have misunderstood something said over social media?
  7. How do you think social media will help you in the future as you think about going to college, university and kick starting your career?
  8. How important do you think social media has been whilst you have been studying from home and been unable to see your friends?

How the Youth Lead by Freddy Muli

In this Ted x Talk Freddy discusses the role of leadership and the importance of allowing the youth to lead.


  1. What does leadership mean to you?
  2. Freddy begins the talk by stating that “leadership is important to the development of society” do you agree that leadership it vital in society and if so why?
  3. What skills do you think makes a good leader?
  4. List three leaders who you think are inspirational and why. Examples can include historical figures, celebrities or a friend or family member
  5. Freddy talks about his belief that “ To lead is to conceive; believe, achieve and give” What do you think he means by each of these?
  6. What skills would you like to see in the leaders of the future?
  7. Do you think all leaders need to be the same?