Chat about the day ahead

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Talking about what you're going to do that day helps your baby learn.

Babies like routines and knowing what's next. In the morning, chat to your baby about what plans you have. You can do this while feeding them, changing them, travelling or playing.

A good idea is to talk about things in the order which you'll do them in. For example: “First we'll get dressed, then we'll have breakfast.”

As your baby gets older and learns to speak, you can ask them if they know what's next. For example: “Now you’ve brushed your teeth. What’s next? Getting dressed?”

It may take them time to learn, but just asking helps them pay attention. Learning their routine may help your child feel independent and in control.

Even if there’s something in your day that’s not part of your regular routine, you can still talk to your baby about it so they know it’s coming. This helps them anticipate what’s happening that day. For example: “First we’ll go to the shops, then afterwards we’ll visit Granny.”

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Good to know

Babies and children like to know what's coming next, it helps them feel secure and confident.