Dads: how to chat to your baby

dad putting baby to sleep

Chatting to your baby often will help you bond with them and build a great relationship as they grow up. It’s important to start this from the youngest age you can.

Speaking to your baby is an important step in helping them learn how to speak. It develops their brain, teaches them social skills and builds relationships. It will also help the two of you have a close bond.

These chats with your baby will help them know that they’re important to you.

First, remember to look into your baby’s eyes when you talk to them and wait for a response. Your baby will enjoy hearing your voice and seeing your face.

You can have a chat at any time of day – when you’re out and about or at home. Bath time and nappy changing time are good moments because you have your baby’s full attention.

The park or the supermarket can also be a good place to chat. You can teach them new words and show them new things. If they’re watching TV, you can talk about what’s happening in the show and what you see.

Try not to ask your baby too many questions. Instead, tell them about things, especially the things they show an interest in, like a favourite toy.