Dummies and talking

Talking with dummies

Lots of children like having a dummy because they find it soothing. But using a dummy too much can make it harder for your child to learn how to speak.

Babies learn to speak by babbling. To grown-ups, it just sounds like noise, but it’s very important. Using a dummy makes it harder for your baby to practice this.

It’s a good goal to have your child being happy without a dummy by 12 months old. But if they’re a little older, don’t worry. Here are some tips to get your child used to not having a dummy.

  • Try to make a clean break. Choose a time when you have support and your child is rested and well to stop using the dummy. Most babies and toddlers will stop grumbling after a few days.
  • If your baby is crying, try to get them to tell you what’s wrong first.
  • If they are still using a dummy, ask them to take it out when they speak.
  • Remember, dipping a dummy in something sweet might seem like a good idea, but it can lead to tooth decay!