Five talking tips from First Words Together


First Words Together builds confidence in parents and support their little ones to get better at chatting before they reach two. Take a look at the handy hints below to find out how you can help your child learn how to talk well.

Talking tips for under-twos

Be face to face with your child

  • This helps you and your child look at and listen to each other
  • This helps you share the toy/ activity together
  • This helps you to see what your child has to tell you
Talking tips 1

Watch and wait – let your child lead – then join in

  • It’s easier for you to join in and help them when they’re already interested
  • Your child will feel good when you show you are interested in what they do
  • It helps them to concentrate because it’s an activity they enjoy
Talking tips 2

Wait- give your child time to respond

  • This helps to give your child chance to communicate
  • It helps them understand it’s their turn in the conversation
  • It encourages them to respond in at whatever level they can – smiling, making a sound, pointing or even saying words
Talking tips 3

Talk about what your child does

  • This helps keep your child interested in what they are doing
  • It helps you child learn useful/important words that link to what they like to do
  • Hearing key words helps children learn to talk
Talking tips 4

Watch how your child tells you things and put the words in

  • This helps your child know you are listening and trying to understand even if they aren’t talking yet
  • This helps them to learn important words for things they really want to ask for and say
  • Knowing that you are listening and they are getting their message across encourage them to try again and again
Talking tips 5

First Words Together delivers weekly sessions full of fun activities that can easily be done in the home to build the foundations of communication.

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