Chatting to your baby

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Our babies love to hear our voices. As early as when they are in the womb, they start to tune into the voices and sounds around them, and often respond to more familiar voices.

The earlier we start chatting to our babies, the better! The Department for Education’s Hungry Little Minds campaign, delivered in partnership with the National Literacy Trust, has the following advice for chatting to your little one:

Chat about anything!

  • Describe what can you see, smell or hear around you. This could be a big red bus, dinner in the oven or an ambulance siren
  • Talk about your day so far. What has made you laugh, sad or cross? Have you met any friends or family today?
  • Chat about your day-to-day activities such as cleaning, cooking or doing the shopping. Your baby will find it fascinating!

Have a natter whenever, wherever!

  • When you change your little one’s nappy, you and your baby will be focused on each other. Take the chance to talk about what you are doing. It’s a great distraction for little wrigglers!
  • While you’re getting your child dressed in the morning, have a chat about the clothes you’re putting on and point out different body parts.
  • At meal times, talk to your child about the different foods you like. If you’re weaning, have a chat about the new foods you’re trying today.

Did you know?

Babies’ babbling is the same around the world! This means that babies from all over the planet could understand each other up to the age of around nine months!

Words for Life is filled with lots of activities to get your little one chatting at home.

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