How to make a story sack

Child drawing

A story sack is a fun activity you can make at home to get your child excited about story time. When children are interested in stories, they’ll enjoy books and reading more.

Making a story sack for your child can help to make reading meaningful and fun. It will help them develop their language and improve their memory.

First, you’ll need a large cloth bag with your child’s favourite book and supporting items. A pillowcase or cloth grocery bag will work just fine. Add any of the following things to help story time:

  • A copy of the book
  • A CD or DVD of the story
  • Related non-fiction books or toys
  • Models of characters and objects from the story
  • Activities or games relating to the story
  • Paper and crayons

Then, make an activity card for the story to include in the story sack.

How to make an activity card

On a piece of paper, make a list of things you can chat about and do in relation to the story.

  • Talk about the story and children’s favourite bits
  • Ask children questions about the characters and the plot
  • Retell the story using the models
  • Find out more about the people and places in the story by looking at the non-fiction books
  • Draw a character or model one out of plasticine
  • Draw a story map of the plot to help with re-telling the story

If you don’t have the time or space for an activity, just take a couple of things out of the sack and spend a few minutes talking about the story.