More Bear Hunt activities


Support your child’s reading aloud and listening at home by trying some of these activities inspired by We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

  1. Imagine you are packing a bag to get ready for your adventure. Pick a pillow, bag or pillow case and talk to your child about what you are putting in there – for instance a compass, jar of honey, pyjamas or snacks!

  2. Grab some blankets and make a cosy reading den. Chat to your child about who they want to invite inside, while making your new hideaway!
  3. Make up your own story about your favourite teddy bear. The story can be simple, starting with the toy's name, where it lives, who its best friend is and where they are going for their day out!
  4. Can you think of any books about bears? Have a chat with your little one about their favourite and why! Maybe they have a friend called Eeyore, an appetite for marmalade sandwiches or perhaps all they want is some peace and quiet.

  5. Write a one-day diary of the snow storm from the story! Think about what you get up to, the people and places you meet, and how it feels to be scooped up into a snowman.

  6. Pretend to be a bear while playing hide and seek. You could make noises and crawl on all fours!

  7. Write a letter of advice to your sibling or friend who is scared of the dark. You might give them some tips about how you imagine something nice and friendly, look at the moon or use a torch!

  8. Design a Do Not Disturb sign to stop everyone interrupting you! Here’s hoping you will get some peace and quiet, and be left alone for reading, sleeping or playing games.

Download the template.