Pop Goes the Weasel

Pop Goes the Weasel

Singing a nursery rhyme is a great way to have fun with your little one and support their language development.

Have a go at the song and watch the video below:

Pop Goes the Weasel lyrics

Half a pound of tuppenny rice,

Half a pound of treacle.

That’s the way the money goes,

Pop! Goes the weasel.

A penny for a spool of thread,

A penny for a needle,

That's the way the money goes,

Pop! Goes the weasel!

Round and round the chestnut tree,

The badger chased the weasel,

They ran and ran and had great fun,

Pop! Goes the weasel!

Up and down the city road,

In and out the steeple,

Round the town and back again,

Pop! Goes the weasel.

Top Tip!

If your child enjoys this song, try playing Jack in the Box with them.

Watch the video