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Storytelling Week activity booklets

Our activity booklets will help your child get to know more about your family or friends this Storytelling Week. They are a great way to tell the stories and experiences of the special people in your child's life while developing their speaking and writing skills.

child writing poem.jpeg

Making a news report or podcast episode about your friends or family is a great way for your child to get know more about you, while developing their writing habits, and listening skills.

They are a perfect opportunity to learn about the importance of sharing your experiences and journeys with others – helping to develop empathy and expand your world view.

Chatting about journeys and stories, and hearing about each other’s experiences, in your first language helps you build an identity.

Grandparent and child talking

The podcast and news report booklets encourage you to share stories, memories, and experiences with your children, and promotes a love of reading and regional voices, as part of the National Literacy Trust’s Connecting Stories campaign.

The project, which forms part of Storytelling Week, combines writing and speaking with activities for developing their ability to read, write and speak in their first language.

It celebrates the value and skill of speaking multiple languages and having a local dialect, and the ways that these voices and stories shape our community. With an equal focus on speaking, writing and and reading, it promotes your community voices and lots of different cultures.

Activity booklets to help your child learn more about a loved one

Podcast activity booklet cover

There are two booklets, aimed at children aged 7-11 and 11-14, which can be downloaded and printed.

Each bespoke resource is specially designed for its specific age group – with the aim of inspire a love of stories through podcasts and news reporting.

Become a reporter

The 7-11 resource encourages your child to play the role of a news reporter and fill the pages with photos, memories and experiences to create a news report of this moment in time. They will reflect on their cultural traditions, compare experiences and boost their understanding of journalism and interviewing skills. Download your report activity pack.

Explore the world of podcasts

The 11-14 resource encourages children and young people to explore the world of podcasts, listen to recommendations, write their own podcast plan and interview someone special. They will begin to find out more detail about their family or community and share these experiences through audio. Download your podcast booklet.

Download your activity booklet

Podcast booklet