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Which way should your baby’s buggy face?

baby buggy

When choosing a buggy or stroller for your baby, try to find one that faces towards you. This way, you’re face to face with your baby.

This is because:

  • If your baby faces you, they are twice as likely to speak.
  • You’re more likely to speak to your baby when they are facing you.
  • You can point out interesting things and ask them questions.

If your pushchair can face both ways, try to have your child facing you most of the time.

It’s a choice that can really help your child learn to talk, listen and express themselves.

If your buggy or stroller does not face towards you, use your voice to gain your child's attention.

  • Talk to them about what there is to see and hear, and what is happening around you.
  • When you have time, stop and point things out to them.
  • Show them you are listening to them by commenting on what they are doing and giving them eye contact when you can.