Literacy & Functional Skills ( 16+)

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Here is a range of resources that can support you in developing your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills at work. We have covered a variety of topics from building your confidence in speaking, to writing formal emails, to delivering presentations.

These resources provide top tips that will help you to build your skills. Tips include: listening to podcasts, turning on your subtitles and downloading useful apps.

You can also access resources that will help you to succeed in your Functional Skills qualification, which have been written together with Functional Skills teachers. There are resources on presentation skills that will help you with your speaking and listening assessment and activities on reading and writing that will support you in your final written exam.

The activities are different lengths. While some will only take 10 minutes, others will take more time.

  • Writing


    Tips for improving your writing skills

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    Tips for improving your reading skills

  • Presentation

    Speaking & listening

    Tips for improving your speaking and listening skills