Words that Count

Words that Count

We’re giving young people in Manchester the confidence to make good financial decisions, in partnership with Experian.

Hear from the experts!

Manchester influencers Living Thrifty and Thrifty Clair are here to help you get the most out of your money.

"I think the biggest misconception about money is that having a budget means living a boring life, counting every penny."

Manchester influencer Living Thrifty shares some of her top tips to help you live well for less.

Money saver and bargain blogger Thrifty Clair gives her advice on saving little and often while enjoying a social life on a budget.

The stars of Love Island on money

Money. It is what it is! Some familiar faces from Love Island are here to make sure you don't get mugged off.

Tom from Love Island shares hint and tips on how stay on top of your finances.

Take our quiz

Discover your money personality in our fun quiz.

Let Biggs pull you for a chat about the importance of saving money.

Don't be a melt with money. Danny from Love Island shares his experience with cash growing up.

Understanding your money

Read the topics below to get your head around new financial words and phrases.


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