Baby book time

Cosy book time

Reading to your baby helps to stimulate their brain.

Looking at books together is a fun activity and good for your baby’s future. This is a great activity to do even before your baby can read. Here’s how to enjoy baby book time:

  • Find a quiet place
  • Read the words and talk about the pictures
  • Give your baby time to respond
  • Repeat your baby’s words
  • Don’t read for too long, and stop when your baby gets bored

Babies like looking at the patterns and colours in picture books, so this is a good activity to keep them happy on a rainy afternoon indoors.

Your baby will enjoy looking at their favourite books often – they won’t get bored by seeing it lots.

If you don’t want to read the story in the book, you can just talk about the pictures by pointing at things and naming what you see. You can even make up your own story or work your baby’s name into the story.

Encourage your little one to point at pictures, help turn pages and copy the sounds you make. It all helps them get used to looking at books.

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Good to know

Reading together will help your baby to concentrate and enhance their memory and listening skills.