Naming the colours

Naming colours.jpg

If you’re looking for something to chat with your baby about, why not introduce them to colours? You can do this using toys and objects from around your home, or while you’re out and about.

If you’re at home, bring together some things your baby is familiar with. These could be toys, books, clothes or household objects. Try to pick things that represent lots of different colours. Sit with your baby and look at them together.

Talk about what you see. For example, “Here’s a red car” and “This is your blue hat”. Try offering your baby a choice of two colours and see which one they choose. If they babble or point, praise them and speak back.

See if you can make it a game throughout the day. You can set a challenge to find things that are blue. Point them out to your baby. You can do this at home or while you’re on a walk. You can tell your baby about your favourite colours.