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Technology for babies and toddlers

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Technology is an important part of all our lives these days. And your child is likely to be around the internet, smart phones, TV and other devices from a very young age. So we’ve shared some advice to help you think about how your child uses tech.

Things to bear in mind

There are a few important things to bear in mind, no matter what your attitude to tech:

  • You are the best person for your child to learn from. Technology will work best when you and your child use it together.
  • Everything is about balance. Make sure that time your child spends playing with technology is also balanced with other activities, like playing outside, getting creative, playing imaginatively and reading books.
  • When you and your child are playing with technology, make sure you connect it to other things your child is learning. For example, if you enjoy baking together see if there are any games or online recipes you can find together.
  • Make sure your child stays close by when they are using technology, so that you can ensure they don't click on anything that's not age appropriate.

Remember, you are the best person to decide how much time your little one should spend with technology.

You set an important example for your child. If you are always using technology, they will want to too! Always avoid any technology, games or content that are inappropriate for small children.

Technology that could support your child's learning

When you’re looking for technology for your child to play with, look out for things that help them learn to:

  • Make different marks, like drawing or taking pictures
  • Listen to simple stories, rhymes and songs
  • Follow simple instructions
  • Ask questions

FaceTime and other video call services can be great opportunities for your child to develop their listening, attention and speaking skills.

Other useful resources

  • Try our Chatty TV time activity
  • The CBBC website has more information about toddlers and tablets.
  • CEOP offers further advice on keeping your under five safe online.