We’re going on a bear hunt

Going on a bear hunt

This children’s book is a fun, adventure story they will enjoy reading again and again.

Stories help your child learn how to talk and explain things. We’re Going On A Bear Hunt is an easy, rhyming children’s book that they’ll enjoy because it repeats and has fun sounds they can act out.

It’s about a family who go looking for a bear, but first they have to go through long grass, a cold river, and even a dark forest. It encourages children to use their imagination as they go on a make-believe journey.

Use your finger to show your child where in the story you are. This will help them understand that the words on the page are telling the story, which helps prepare them for reading.

If they really love the story, you can encourage them to make up their own verses. What other places can they go to on the bear hunt?

Book time is perfect for a quiet moment, when your child isn’t tired or hungry. This helps them concentrate on the story. Try to spend some time looking at a book each day.

Good to know

This book teaches your child how maths works. They will learn descriptive words, geography, and how to put things in order.

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