Write a letter to Santa

Write a letter to Santa

Letter writers are better writers! Encouraging your child to write a Christmas list to send to Santa Claus is a great way to practice writing over the Christmas holidays. Here are our steps for writing the perfect letter to Santa. See if your child will follow along and make their own letter.

  • Get some paper, pens and pencils
  • Next, put on some Christmas music or lights to get in the festive mood
  • Ask your child to write their address in the top right corner, so Santa knows where to find them
  • Encourage your child to let Santa know what they want for Christmas by writing a list and drawing pictures
  • Tell them to add their name and age at the bottom of the page
  • Put the letter in an envelope, stick on a stamp
  • Write out the following address:

Santa/Father Christmas
Santa's Grotto

  • Put your letter in a postbox!

Tip: If you send your letter before 10 December 2021, Santa Claus will write back!

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