Playing with your little one

parent and child playing

Even as adults, playing is important for our wellbeing and can be a great way to relax. For children, play helps them to make sense of the world around them and gives them time to choose, decide and explore.

Did you know?

Playing can help your child get better at:

  • Moving around
  • Talking about how they feel
  • Making friends
  • Taking turns
  • Fixing problems
  • Learning about numbers
  • Reading, speaking and listening.

Can you imagine any other activity that covers so many things?!

The Department for Education’s Start for Life campaign, delivered in partnership with the National Literacy Trust, has lots of ideas to help you make the most of playtime:

Anything can be a toy

You don’t need to buy the latest fashionable toy to make your child happy. Your little one will be naturally curious about the world around them and can go on an adventure with something as ordinary as a cardboard box!

Join in the fun

Your child will love it when you get involved with their games.

Words for Life is filled with lots of fun and playful activities.