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Books for children and young people

Asking questions with books

The benefits of reading

Did you know that reading for just 10 minutes a day can improve your child's wellbeing and boost their literacy skills at the same time?

Whatever your child's interests, you can help them find stories to fall in love with thanks to our book lists. Our wide range of book lists are organised into different themes and are suitable for children aged 0 to 16+. When age ranges aren't listed, the books featured will be suitable for children aged 0 to 12 and those aged 13+. You can also dive into our lists for specific age ranges.

What if my child is a reluctant reader?

If your child is a reluctant reader or you're finding it hard to find the time to read together, there are lots of different ways to help them enjoy reading more.

Ten tips to help you engage your child in reading

  1. If your child is a reluctant reader, you can use your child's hobbies and interests to find books that are more likely to hold their attention.
  2. Learn how to spend time sharing stories together. You don’t always need to read the words in books. Looking at and talking about picture books is a great way to encourage your child to enjoy stories.
  3. If your child doesn't like books, you can also explore ways to get your child interested in stories by diving into the world of comic books or our list of audio books for teenagers.
  4. Discover how to help your child learn to choose books that they like.
  5. Try visiting the library to help your child try reading different books.
  6. Don't worry if your child only wants to read one book over and over.
  7. Find out how you can set a reading example for your child.
  8. Learn how to build reading routines into your day to day.
  9. Bring familiar stories to life with play. Act out a story you both know well to make reading feel more fun.
  10. Explore our 15 tips to help your child read.

Explore our collection of book lists for children and young people