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Tips for helping your baby begin to chat, play and read

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Listen with Audible

Discover a new story or listen together to your favourites as a family. We have partnered with Audible to bring you a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books narrated for your listening pleasure on the go, before bedtime or when you need to entertain your little one so you can have a bit of quiet.

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    Listen and learn audiobook recommendations

    Children can learn about the world around with our top ten recommendations for fiction and non fiction audiobooks.

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  • Children's mental health and wellbeing audiobook recommendations with Audible

    Audiobook recommendations exploring mental health and wellbeing

    Discover 10 audiobooks available with Audible which will help children explore themes of wellbeing and mental health.

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    Sports and games audiobook recommendations

    From sports day to ice skating and mountaineering, we've got your covered with these action-packed audiobook recommendations.

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  • Audible Hope and Positivity audio list recommendations

    Ten audiobook recommendations about hope and positivity

    Explore our top ten recommendations for audiobooks that will help children explore the idea of hope and find positivity.

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Top 50 books every child should read

Nothing beats the joy of getting lost in a good book. So this year, the National Literacy Trust is delighted to be partnering with Good Housekeeping to help young readers discover books that they will love.

Explore our book lists!

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