‘I Can Do’ book

Talk, listen, respond

As your child gets older, they can do a lot of things themselves. You can celebrate this with their own book.

Sit with your child and talk to them about the things they can do on their own. These can be ordinary, day-to-day things like brushing their teeth, putting their toys away, getting dressed or putting on their shoes. Maybe they can choose a book at the library or recite a nursery rhyme. They should feel proud of the things they can do independently.

Encourage them to draw pictures of them doing these things. See if they can make shapes or even write letters. If not, ask if they’d like you to write labels for them.

Or if you prefer, you can take photos of your child doing their activities and put them into an album.

If they’ve drawn pictures, stick these into a blank notebook. Write descriptions of the activities and talk to your child about them. You can look at it together during story time.

Over time, as they learn new things, you can add to the book. This might motivate them to learn how to do more things on their own as they grow up.

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Good to know

Making homemade books about themselves will help your child feel good and confident, which will help with their lifelong learning.