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Reading recipes

Reading isn't just for books. There are lots of chances for children to read in day-to-day life.

Children following recipes

The benefits of reading recipes with your children

Find a simple recipe and have a fun time baking together. It’s a good chance for your child to practice reading and following instructions.

Show the recipe to your child before you begin and read out the ingredients. Talk about what you need. They can help you fetch the ingredients and mix them together.

You can also take the recipe to the shop and look for ingredients together. Say things like: ‘We need flour. Where do you think it is?’.

When you’re baking, help your child measure out ingredients. Measuring will help them learn about numbers. Let your child know what each ingredient is so they can learn the words.

Be careful with handling hot things or anything sharp.

Once your treats are ready, enjoy them together!

This activity encourages your little one to read and chat while they’re having fun. For children, doing everyday tasks like this is how they learn. It prepares them well for school when they will learn to read more.

Good to know

By following a recipe, you are helping your child understand that there is a beginning, middle and end, just like in stories.

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