Chatting when out and about

Chatting when out and about

Next time you’re out for a walk, you can practise chatting with your child about the things they see.

Even on your street, there will be lots of things that can interest your child. Everyday sights and sounds can be exciting if you pause to notice them.

Decide something to look out for, then see who can spot the most. Tell your child what you’re looking out for. You can try:

  • How many red cars can you see?
  • How many buses can you see?
  • How many traffic lights are there?
  • How many dogs can you spot?
  • How many squirrels are in the park?

This game helps your child pay attention to their surroundings and practise counting. These skills will be useful when they start school. It doesn’t have to be counting – you can look for colours, shapes or sounds.

It can help them get to know your local area and feel confident when they’re out and about. It’s also a good chance to chat to each other.

In time, let them take the lead and decide what you’re going to look for.

Good to know

This activity gives you lots of opportunities to introduce objects in a fun and relaxed way. It helps with colour recognition, numbers and counting.