Chat, play, read interactive activity booklets

Baby and dad

Chatting, playing and reading are all fun ways to bond with your child and help them to get better at learning. Our Hungry Little Minds chat, play and read interactive booklets are filled with great activities and links to helpful videos to try with your 0-5 year old at home.

Read through the booklets on the page, or download them below to access the video links.

Chat interactive booklet

In this booklet you'll find chat activities to try while you change their nappy, a game to test their memorie and the classic nursery rhyme, Row, row, row your boat.

Play interactive booklet

This booklet will take you and your little one through making your own sound box, a game to play in the rain and activities to try at bath time!

Read interactive booklet

We know that reading to your little one is super important, especially in the first few years of their life. In this booklet you will find fun activities around books for when the weather is a little grey outside, stories to help your little one settle down, and a creative activity for a 'I can do' book.

Download chat, play and read activity booklets

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